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Interviewing Prospective Employees

When interviewing prospective employees in the domestic field. Make them aware that there is a uniform policy for household apparel to wear whilst on duty.

Hawthorne Domestic Staffing

During the interview process, introduce them to current staff as well as showing them through residence and point out any situation that needs special attention and, if elderly in residence, make sure that they all meet if possible. Be sure to cover any and all animals in the home as to their walking routines, their food, their toys and any medical needs that they may have.

Hold a conversation regarding privacy and confidentiality. For example; no photos to be taken of your residence and outside property and no discussions with friends or relatives they may have as to privacy in the home and friends and relatives visiting. It is a good idea to cover these items in your hiring contract and as States differ in their laws, please see your local attorney as to any and all legalities in your particular State and the same goes for any other residences your staff may visit to work in these said premises.

If the potential hire is for a live-in position, make sure your future staff inspects and shows a comfort level in the furnishings provided. And always, take photos of the inside of the living residence you are providing them with and attach a copy to their hiring contract.

If taking and picking up children to and from their school, make sure your hire(s) have a clean driving record and that they are comfortable and loving with children. This also applies for the same of your family animals.

Hawthorne Domestics provides a guarantee on all exclusive placements; for example, we provide a 30 day guarantee for single applicants and a 60 day guarantee for couples. During the entire process Christine Hawthorne works personally, one-on-one with the client, and adheres to strict confidentiality protocols at all times. Give Christine a call today at 508-540-0074


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