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Frequently Asked Questions

At Hawthorne Domestic Services, we aim to provide exceptional household staff to meet all your domestic needs. As an estate placement agency, we specialize in providing domestic solutions ranging from child and elderly care to home management. Our team of formally trained and experienced personnel includes butlers, personal assistants, housekeepers, private chefs, household and estate managers, boat captains, chauffeurs, and many others.  

Read on to learn about domestic services and how we can help you. Here are the top five frequently asked questions about domestic services and our answers: 

What are domestic staffing services?

Domestic services refer to a wide range of tasks that can be performed in a household. These tasks include housekeeping, cooking, gardening, and child and elderly care. 

What domestic staffing positions are provided by Hawthorne Domestic Services?

At Hawthorne Domestic Services, we provide live-in and live-out staffing positions, depending on the needs of our clients. We have many positions available, including household managers, personal assistants, nannies, chefs, chauffeurs, and housekeepers. 

How do you select your domestic staff?

We carefully select and screen our staff to ensure they have the qualifications, experience,

and personality to fit the needs of our clients. 

What are the benefits of using Hawthorne Domestic Staffing Services?

Our clients attest to our exceptional services, and we pride ourselves on delivering the best staffing solutions to meet individual needs. By using Hawthorne staffing, you'll benefit from dependable and efficient workers committed to providing you with a high standard of service. 

How do I begin hiring domestic staff through Hawthorne Domestic Services?

You can start by filling out your Client Wish List. Once you submit the form, we will contact you to discuss your requirements and provide the information you need to start hiring your ideal staff. 

At Hawthorne Domestic Services, we strive to provide exceptional staffing solutions to our clients. With our extensive experience, we understand how important it is to have reliable staff who can help you manage your home successfully. Contact us today to learn more about our domestic services and how we can help you.

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