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About Hawthorne Domestic Services

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Premier Estate and Domestic Staffing Services

For over two decades, Hawthorne Domestic Services has set the gold standard in high-end domestic placement across the United States. Founded by Christine Hawthorne, a dedicated professional with a unique vision for personalized service, we specialize in both live-in and live-out arrangements, ensuring every client receives top-tier support tailored to their specific needs. From estate staffing to confidential domestic staffing services for estates, our commitment to excellence has made us a leader in the luxury domestic staffing industry.

Christine Hawthorne's Journey to Excellence

Originally from England, Christine's journey began when she moved to America over twenty years ago. With a small ad in the back of Town and Country Magazine, the foundations of Hawthorne Domestic Services were laid. As the digital age took over, Christine transitioned to online advertising, primarily through Google, which significantly expanded the agency’s reach and effectiveness.

Christine’s passion for placement and personal enjoyment in each successful match have driven the business to prosper. She prides herself on treating every placement with the utmost confidentiality and care, believing that "your home is my home" when it comes to finding the right staff for you. Her hands-on approach ensures that all candidates are meticulously vetted, often including multilingual individuals with scrupulously checked backgrounds, reflecting the highest standards of the industry.

Our Commitment to You

Hawthorne Domestic Services is not just a domestic staffing agency; it's a beacon of trust and quality in the estate management world. We offer a robust 30-day guarantee for single applicant placements and a 60-day guarantee for couples, standing by our commitment to provide the very best. Whether you require a private chef, an executive household manager, or a high-end nanny, we tailor our services to meet the grandeur of your requirements.

Christine personally works one-on-one with each client, upholding stringent confidentiality protocols throughout the placement process. Our services extend nationwide, from confidential live-in staffing for sprawling estates to full-time managed domestic staff for high-end homes, ensuring a seamless integration of staff into your household.

Schedule a Consultation

Experience the difference with Hawthorne Domestic Services. Contact Christine today to discuss how we can assist in enhancing your living experience with unparalleled domestic staffing solutions. Let us help you find the perfect candidate to become an integral part of your household.

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