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Applicant Wish List

This page contains the Applicant Wish List - a form for potential candidates to fill out in order to get started with Hawthorne Domestic Services.

If you would like to view all the service positions we offer, please visit our top-level Services Page.

Although we currently have domestic staffing positions available, many of our clients prefer that we do not display their openings and wish to keep their job listings and locations confidential.

Feel free to call us for updates, and continue sending your current paperwork, etc.

All fields are required.

Will relocation be with spouse/children/animals?

Do you use video conferencing?
If so, what video conferencing program or service do you prefer?

Are you a citizen of the U.S.A?
Do you or any family member smoke?

*If not, send a copy of Green Card(s)/work visa, etc. If foreign-born, but U.S. Citizen, send copy of U.S. passport.

Will you work in a smoking residence?
Yearly Salary Parameters
Worked in homes with staff?

NOTE:  Please send an up-to-date copy of your resume, a copy of your driver's license (if a couple, please send a copy of each one) along with a very recent photo - write your name(s) on the front and date the photo was taken.

IMPORTANT TAX NOTICE: Please note, your employer is required to deduct your portion of all Federal and State Taxes.

Wish List submitted successfully. We will contact you soon.

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